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air conditioning
calculate pipes

short review

this site gives you only a short review about possibilities and using of  HLS-Excel-sheets

a more detailed review
you will find in german language

calculation sheets

for Microsoft Excel  ©

for building services

system design

Excel will be an expert on mechanical engineering

HLS-Excel join potential
of Microsoft Excel with

professional knowledge

easy calculate

without formulas


professional sheets

all you need to know
about HLS-Excel-sheets
you learn in 5 minutes ...

catch your test sheets


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For using HLS-Excel-sheets you need a free basic modul.
This Excel-AddIn is administrating the theme modules with the professional content and allows to
calculate without formulas. It helps you to create your own professional calculationsheet, supplies a template sheet and some useful functions for working with Excelsheets.

Theme modules contains the professional knowledge
The modules gives your sheet the special parameter and professional intelligence. Modules knows about the mathematical correlations between parameters and measurement units and helps you with a special menubar. The theme modules are free for testing, after trial you need a licence for commercial usage.

structure of HLS-Excel calulation sheets

Calculation sheets

Create your own professional sheet or use ready styled calculation sheets.


Microsoft Excel 2007 or following versions


creating of this web site and

offered content is running ...

stay curious ...

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